Meet The Team

Spruce Salon

Who benefits most from thelighthouse?

Early to mid-career, rising leaders working across different functions.

  • Experience level: Most of our members are in their 20s and 30s. We've started with this group because 1) career development is a top priority for these generations and 2) they're at a critical stage in their careers with many career inflection points to navigate.
  • Industry and function: thelighthouse is intentionally a cross-industry, cross-role community as careers now span multiple industries, roles, and geographies in a short period of time. Also, many career topics, like managing and advocating for yourself, are common regardless of context.
  • Demographics: Our membership is made up of individuals from all genders and backgrounds. The membership is mostly U.S. based, and centered in metropolitan areas like NYC, SF, Boston, and D.C. We also have members in other cities and countries. As a virtual platform, we are location agnostic.

What business objectives does thelighthouse achieve?

  • Recruit, engage, and retain top talent: Professional development is the #1 benefit today's professionals value and 94% of employees would stay with a company longer if it invested in their career.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion: Empower all team members with the network and insights needed to grow in their careers. In fact, investing in career support boosts minority representation at the management level by 9% to 24%.
  • Growth mindset: Drive a culture of growth by showing your employees you're committed to their lifelong learning and on-going development.
  • Innovation: Drive innovation within your company by enabling employees to broaden their thinking and get exposure to different perspectives through thelighthouse.
  • Stronger managers: thelighthouse is a resource to support managers in their own development and to offer as a resource to better coach and develop their teams.

What kinds of career topics do employees use thelighthouse for?

thelighthouse is highly curated based on each individual member's career goals, challenges, and interests. Here are a few examples from current members:

  • Navigating new roles and responsibilities (e.g. new manager, career transitioners)
  • Preparing for performance reviews, promotions, and salary converations
  • Exploring and learning new skills and functions
  • Setting a career strategy and plan
  • Networking
  • Applying to leadership organizations or opportunities